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Where can you find Steroids for Sale Online?

Certainly one of the most searched for anabolic-related terms is undoubtedly ‘steroids for sale’. This should not comes as a shock to anyone as there are millions all over the globe that know of and want to harness the power of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing products. However, before you jump right in and start your cycle, ensure you do full research and understand both the positive and negative effects of steroids – it would be a very imprudent move of you to simply start taking anabolics without carrying out the necessary background research. The biggest mistake anyone could make would be to begin consuming, either orally or via injection, anabolic androgenic compounds; these are serious drugs, with serious effects. There are countless online resources that will aid your research and understanding, all you need to do (once you’ve read this article of course!) is use Google. Read online steroid encyclopedias, forums etc…knowledge is power remember. The articles on this site will be a superb starting point and will get you on your way, but never stop at just one resource – gain as much knowledge as you can. Whether you want to bulk, cut, recomp, boost strength or just improve your knowledge about steroids, steroid cycles, side effects etc…then you’ve come to the right place.

 What are Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids (not to be confused with corticosteroids – they work in completely opposite ways) are synthetic variations of one of the the three parents hormones apparent in the human body, these being: testosterone, dihydrotestosterone or 19-nortestosterone.  Each steroidal compound will have a different chemical structure and anabolic:ratio so will therefore impact upon the body (both in terms of positive and negative effects) in differing ways. The chemical structure of the three main hormones mentioned above can be manipulated in many ways to create the desired potency of steroid, although as with any drug there will always be risk:reward ratio, with the most potent anabolics being the ones most likely to cause negative effect upon health and wellbeing.


What are the effects of anabolic steroids?

Although each anabolic steroid compound is different in structure and ultimately strength (in terms of ability to increase lean muscle mass, overall body mass, strength, focus, aggression and of course side effects), they all work in the same way and via the same pathways; the only difference is how rapidly and to what extent they induce these effects. So what are the effects of steroids on the body? The positive effects of anabolics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Enhanced nitrogen retention. How does this benefit someone looking to add muscle mass? Increased nitrogen retention results in drastically increased protein synthesis, which means muscles will re-build quicker and stronger.
  2. Increased Red Blood Cell Count. Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body, and importantly for athletes and gym goes, the muscle. More oxygen in the muscle will no doubt increase endurance and both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, leading to the potential to push out more reps and sets, ultimately leading (further down the line) to greater accrual of lean muscle tissues.
  3. Prime the Central Nervous System. The degree to which this will occur will depend on the androgenicity of the compound, but all anabolics will impact upon on it to some extent. How does this benefit those looking to build muscle mass? Primarily via increasing strength (it allows more muscle fibres to be recruited, therefore making the individual stronger), but also by enhancing both focus and aggression which will also help to boost strength. The stronger a muscle gets, the bigger it will get too (so long as a calorie surplus is present along with adequate protein consumption – a minimum of 1g per lb of bodyweight, ideally 1.5g).

Through these three factors alone impressive muscle mass mass gains can be achieved over the course of a cycle, providing training, diet and rest are completely on point.

What are the side effects of steroids?

Steroids have many effects both positive and negative and here we shall focus solely on the negative side effects that may arise from anabolic use. As with the positive effects, the degree to which these side effects will occur and how much the impact upon the individual will depend on firstly the compound used and secondly how sensitive the person is to it. We feel it is ideal to focus on the most dangerous effects first as these are what users (and potential users) need to be aware of before commencing a steroid cycle. The more a potent a steroid, the more likely these are to occur, but this is not a hard and fast rule and some supposedly mild steroids (such an anavar for example) can have very detrimental impact(s) upon health. So what are the most serious side effects from anabolic usage? (We will discuss how to minimise the effects of these underneath).

  1. Increased Red Blood Cell Count. Wait a second. Didn’t this appear above in the positive effects section?! Yes. It did. So why is it here? Well if red blood cell count gets too high then the blood becomes too thick and the heart has to work much harder to pump blood around the body; this is something that you definitely don’t want.
  2. Increased Blood Pressure. Again, something you don’t want. Partially induced by the increase in RBC count and partially by the fact that high doses of androgens just do this naturally (anything in the supra-physiological range). The more androgenic a steroid the greater extent to which this will occur and those compounds that cause massive intracellular water retention will also cause blood pressure to rise to undesirable levels.
  3. Increased Cholesterol, Lipid and Triglyceride levels. This is where most steroids cause shocking results. Even supposedly ‘mild’ anabolics such as anavar can have a hugely disastrous impact upon these health markers. I have seen Oxandrolone cause good cholesterol (HDL)  to half, bad cholesterol (LDL) to double and triglycerides to multiply tenfold! DHT-derived steroids appear to impact these areas to a larger degree than others, but both testosterone-based and nor-testosterone steroids will do this also.

So how can one reduce side effects or reduce them whilst on cycle? First of, be sensible with you dosing. More is not better and it is always wise to start low and build the dose up – assessing your tolerance along the way. Getting blood tests done is absolutely vital for this. Luckily it is relatively cheap to have this done privately (if you can’t get it done on the NHS) so really there is no excuse. As you would expect, a healthy diet full of vegetables and plenty of omega-3 oil will help greatly.

Oral steroids will of course increase liver enzymes (some far worse than others), so this is another health aspect that must be kept an eye on during and post cycle. TUDCA and other liver health supplements can be used effectively to help in this respect.


What are the best steroids to get ripped?

This question is asked a hello of a lot and thousands of people search for this every single month on Google. This is no surprise as everyone wants to look good and most people want performance enhancing drugs to assist them and speed up the process. The answer to this question can be two-fold and is a bit of a double-edged sword, as in all honesty the best way to get ripped is through training and most importantly diet. Nutrition is the absolutely key here as without it being completely dialled in you won’t make the gains you want to make. Of course, anabolic steroids can help to speed up this process and get you ripped, but food and the correct macronutrient choices and timings are absolutely vital to ensuring the best results possible. First we will discuss the best way to go about this and then we will discuss which steroids can be utilised for this purpose.

When people talking about ‘getting ripped’, what they really mean is losing body fat whilst either maintaing their current lean muscle mass levels, or in a lot of cases improving and adding as much muscle as possible whilst cutting the fat. Before anyone says (or thinks it!), yes, you can burn fat and build muscle. It is not easy, but through clever nutrient timing you can achieve the results you desire. How to do it?

Firstly, you must be 200 calories under maintenance. Your bodyweight in lbs multiplied by 18 will give you the calories you should aim for. In terms of macronutrient split 40% protein, 35% carbs, 25% fat. Remember that as your weight drops you will need to recalculate the total calories you’ll need.  As stated above, nutrient timing is absolutely vital and should approached the following ways (assuming your train in the evenings):

Workout days: Protein and fat only until 1 hour before your workout. 1 hour before workout should be high carb (30% of your daily total) and a small amount of protein. Post-workout should contain the remaining 70% of your carb intake along with moderate protein. Return to protein and fat only before bed.

Non-workout days: 50% of your daily carb allowance with breakfast and the rest spread out throughout the day. You can have 100% of your carbs at breakfast is you want, but that may lead to lack of energy later on in the day, so a small amount of carbs spread out through the afternoon and evening will help most. Cuts carbs out two hours from bed as the insulin they will release will blunt growth hormone (in your sleep), which is vital to your goals.

Now the bit most people will read first – which steroids are best for getting ripped? Well, assuming diet and training are in place I would always opt for testosterone, a short estered version is best for cutting, alongside one or two DHT-derived anabolics. The choice here could be two orals – anavar and winstrol for example, an oral and an injectable: anavar and masteron, or just one of those three. Anavar has been proven to reduce trunk fat, so getting ripped may be slightly easier on it, but they will all do the same thing. If you are experienced then trenbolone can be used as that is extremely potent and will get your ripped and build muscle at the same time and is extremely effective at doing so!


What are the best legal steroids?

This question gets asked a lot, mainly on online forums and via the Google search and to be honest it is not surprising. Why? Many want to utilise the potency of steroids but are afraid they may fall foul of the law, so they want to buy the best legal steroids for their desired goals. The laws regarding steroids are strict in most countries, with the USA, Canada and Australia being the most strict (even possession and personal use it banned). Luckily for those in countries where the laws are very strict (as well as those in less strict countries who would prefer not to take the risk), there are legal anabolics that can be purchased on the internet. These can be legally bought, imported (if required) and taken without any legal ramifications whatsoever. Where can these products be purchase?

The best place to start would be (to be forwarded to this website then click on any of the product images on this page and you will re-directed to the secure online sore). This offers a small but selective set of legal steroids (both individual products and stacks) that can be purchased for very good prices. International shipping is available for a small fee and having used their services from the UK I can attest to the speed of their delivery.

Where can you find steroid pills for sale?

When it comes to finding steroids in tablet form (or in any form for that matter), there are two main avenues that you have to source them – firstly, via a website or an online source, or secondly, through an offline source. I will immediately state that trying to find a local source is like trying to find a needle in a haystack and unless you know the person very well and more importantly trust them explicitly, then you could be in for a very rough ride when trying to buy steroid pills. This isn’t to say there aren’t trustworthy people out there, but with the strict steroid laws around the globe with regards to selling and supplying then you’d be foolish to try and buy them this way.

Luckily for users and potential users of steroids, there are numerous websites out there where anabolics can be purchased and mailed direct to your door. Of course, not all will be legitimate but luckily there are steroid source review sites that collate reviews from actual users so potential buyers can log on and see where and where not to buy their products from. I would always recommend buying from somewhere where credit and debit cards are accepted, such as – to visit their secure online store simply click on any of the product images on this page and you will be forwarded on to the site.

What is the best steroid stack?

The best steroid stack will depend on your goals for the proposed cycled. If you’re bulking then you’ll want to take a different approach to than if you’re cutting, and contrary to popular belief you can use a lot of anabolics for both bulking and cutting, although most are better suited to one than the other. What also must must be take n into consideration when you’re choosing your stack is your previous steroid experience, as progressive dosing as you gain experience (and lean body body mass) is the best way forward when it comes to enhancing your physique correctly and most importantly safely.

Bulking stack: Testosterone should always be used in any bulking cycle, and in my opinion it should be used in every cycle regardless of goals. A long acting or short acting ester is fine, although less frequent pinning will probably be ideal for most. You could take testosterone by itself, but as we are discussing stack, then ‘kickstarters are’ probably the best idea. Taking an oral for the first four weeks of a cycle before the test reaches (and maintains its peak levels) is commonplace in bodybuilding and for good reason – it works! 50mg-100mg per day of Anadrol or 30mg per day of Dianabol will suffice and is the best option(s) in this instance. For an advanced cycle steroids such as (injectable) trenbolone could be added.

Cutting stack: A natural choice fora cutting cycle would be either Anavar or Winstrol along side a Testosterone base (usually propionate, although suspension could be used daily if frequent injections are tolerated by the user). For those looking to use more exotic steroids or add further compounds in then the use of trenbolone and/masteron could certainly be used. Of course you wouldn’t necessarily need to use testosterone as an oral only stack could be utilised very well, with the addition of proviron or even methyl-DHT to increase muscle hardness.

Strength stack: The choice of compounds for a strength cycle would entirely depend on whether you wanted to add bulk or stay at a specific weight (or keep within a weight class). If you are happy to add mass as well as boost strength then testosterone as a base would be ideal, along sides an oral such as anadrol, dianabol, superdrol or methyl-1-testosterone or even the super potent halotestin. Trenbolone would be a great addition to a strength stack also. For those looking to stay a certain weight then a combination of anavar and halotestin would be advisable as this will add very little muscle mass but will enhance your strength massively.


What is the best beginner steroid cycle?

The choice of steroid cycle for a beginner depends upon whether they want to use injectables and/or orals. If a novice was determined to use orals only, which although is frowned upon by many, can actually be a great introduction to steroids and provide good results providing they know how to train and eat correctly for their goals.

For those beginners looking to bulk using orals only then Dianabol, Anadrol or even Turinabol would be excellent choices. Dbol at 30mg for 6 weeks; Anadrol at 100mg for 4 weeks or Turinabol at 60mg for 6 weeks would be a great start cycle. Those seeking to cut could use either Anavar or Winstrol at a dosage of between 60mg-80mg per day for 6-8 weeks. Deca durabolin could be added although it is not a compound I would even recommend using.

If the user is willing to use injectables then a straight testosterone only cycle for 10-12 weeks would be the best option, with longer acting ester such as cypionate or enanthate be the best choice. Contrary to popular belief, a dose as ‘low’ as 250mg per week is perfect for a beginner and I always suggest choosing 250-400mg a week for a first cycle. There is no need to throw in any orals as the testosterone will do just fine by itself. Those wanting to cut could use Testosterone propionate to do so for a cycle length of between 6 and 8 weeks long. Again, beginners really don’t need to use more than one compound for a first time cycle.

Steroids & stacks for beginners

Beginners should only use a limited array of steroids and only progress beyond these once they have enough experience under their belts. What are the advised steroids and stack for beginners? For bulking: testosterone, dianabol, anadrol and turinabol and for cutting: testosterone, anavar, winstrol and proviron. I would always advise use of just a single compound for your first cycle as then you can assess your tolerance to this; in addition always start with a low dose and build your way up to higher dosages.

Although, as stated above, I would always recommend using one steroid for your first stack or cycle, in theory you could use two or more. If you were to choose this then it is best to stick to ‘beginner’ steroids such as testosterone and dianabol/anadrol for bulking and testosterone and anavar/winstrol for cutting. Alternatively you could combine two orals for a novice cycle, such and dbol and drol for mass gaining and var and winstrol for getting lean and losing body fat. Beginners should certainly not use anabolic such as trenbolone, masteron, halotestin or other such performance enhancing drugs as HGH, IGF-1, peptides, clenbuterol etc…these should be saved for very experienced users and to be honest most won’t ever need to use these drugs.

Steroids, stacks & cycles for mass and bulking up

There are many anabolic steroids that are excellent for building mass and bulking up. When someone is looking to pack on size then there are many single compounds as well as stacks that can be used to increase bodyweight and muscle mass rapidly and efficiently. What are these compounds…?

Testosterone is the king of bulking steroids. Regardless of what any says, there is no better anabolic for putting on size as it is, after all, our natural hormone that has many functions, including increasing muscle size so supra-physiological levels will do this to a tremendous extent. Many people, however, are not satisfied with just using one steroid and want to cycle testosterone with other anabolics. In this instance orals such as Dianabol, Anadrol, Turinabol, Superdrol and M1T could be used and in terms of injectables Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, Equipoise and Masteron.

The important thing to remember when bulking up is that is your diet and training that will induce the gains, not the steroids – they will merely enhance and speed this up. Nutrition is the most important factor here as without sufficient calories and enough protein you simply won’t add body weight or muscle mass. The easiest way to calculate the amount of calories needed is your bodyweight (lbs) multiplied by 20.


The best steroids, stacks & cycle for cutting?

As you would expect, the ideal steroids for cutting body fat whilst maintaining (or even building) lean muscle mass are Testosterone, Anavar and Winstrol. However there are other anabolic compounds that user may want to consider that offer different benefits to the three aforementioned steroids. Of course testosterone will always be the ‘king of steroids’, but others stacked with it will add extra elements making your results even better. So what are the other cutting steroids that can be used as part of a cycle?

Whenever potent steroids are discussed Trenbolone is always the first to be talked about and it is to see why. It is well know that it has an anabolic:androgenic ration of 500:500, meaning on paper it is 5 times as anabolic and as androgenic as testosterone! Although I usually say to disregard the A:A ratios, in this instance it is pretty accurate – Trenbolone really will build muscle and burn fat and it it will do it rapidly. It is, as you would expect, not without side effects and these can be pretty harsh, particularly the mental side effects which many find they cannot cope with. Regardless of this it is a superb cutting steroid and can effectively be stacked or cycle with other cutting anabolics. Another option is Masteron, which is rapidly becoming a popular steroid. Although it won’t build a huge amount of muscle, it is very androgenic (being a slightly altered version of DHT) and will help with burning fat, muscle hardening and strength immensely.

What are the best oral steroids?

In considering what the best oral steroids are it is imperative to ask the further question of: ‘What are you goals?’. The best steroid for you will depend entirely on your goal(s) (as well as your experience). In this section we will discuss what the ideal options are whether you are looking to add mass, get cut or add strength. Remember that is training and diet/nutrition that will determine the end outcome, not the use of anabolics – they will merely speed up the process.

Adding mass: When mass gaining oral steroids are talked about the first one that springs to mind is Dianabol, and for good reason as it is extremely effective. In addition one might consider Anadrol, Superdrol or M1T and for those looking for a milder oral that will still help with mass gaining then Turinabol may be worth considering.

Cutting: Anavar and Winstrol will always remain at the top of the list for those looking to get ripped, although Turinabol or oral Primobolan could be used for this purpose. In reality you could cut on any oral but the water retention the traditional ‘bulkers’ would induce wouldn’t make it very effective.

Strength: The best three strength orals are Anavar, Anadrol and Halotestin. A combination of these three would be unbelievably potent at increasing strength (as well as being extremely liver toxic). Halotestin is often used by powerlifters before a big lift and it is easy to see why. In theory you could use something like Dianabol purely for strength, but the aforementioned three are much better choices.

Where to find bodybuilding steroids for sale?

Steroids for bodybuilding are available from two main avenues – online and offline. The former, as you would expect, is online via websites, forums etc…and the latter being in person from a fellow gym goer, friend etc…but which is the best option? There is much debate over this as those that have a trusted source offline will no doubt promote them, and those who have a trusted online source will no doubt promote them.

First and foremost it must be said that finding and having access to an offline supplier is extremely hard to come by. Not only do you have to find them but you also have to trust them to, and lets be honest, unless you personally know them and have done for a while then the level of trust required isn’t going to be there. In this instance I would always go for the option of of buying your steroids for bodybuilding online. This, however, isn’t as straightforward as it seems and can be fraught with danger, but luckily websites such ‘eRoids’ and ‘MuscleGurus’ provide users the opportunity to not only rate online suppliers, but also labs, giving an invaluable resource to those looking to buy steroids online. The key is to always do your research and never rush in to buying anabolics.


Where to get steroids?

Unsurprisingly, ‘where to get steroids’ is a very popular search term on all search engines, including Google. It isn’t surprising that this phrase is searched for because a) there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people around the globe that want to find out more information on anabolic steroids and b) because there are a significant number who are looking to buy steroids and need a source. Purchasing steroids from the internet can be a risky business for several reason, but the main two are:  you may get scammed and lose money and/or there many be legal implications from doing so (depending on where you live). Sourcing anabolics online is definitely less risky than buying from in person (something I would never,ever advise anyone to do), but as risk still remain it is vital that you take precautions. Luckily there are several things you can do to ensure a safe transaction.



Can you buy steroids with a credit or debit card?


Which are the best steroid alternatives?